Military Technologies That Could Change Our World

The military develops new technology constantly. And some of their more recent innovations may impact life as we know it more then you might realize. Here are a few interesting things they have recently developed.

The laser gun

You probably never imagined we would see the creation of the laser gun. It is the stuff of Star Wars and Star Trek, right? Wrong. The military has actually developed a laser gun that works and they call it the Excalibur. They are currently working on one that is 10 times lighter than the Excalibur so that it has more military application.

The doctor is in – your body

DARPA is focusing on nanoparticles that can treat illness and infection in the human body. The program is actually moving quickly, and researchers are currently working on this nanotechnology with large animals.

Thermal imaging on the cheap

Thermal imaging technology is not a new technology, the U.S. military has been utilizing it for a long time, but it’s a little pricey. That has lead DARPA to their current task of attempting to lower costs of thermal imaging technology through their Low Cost Thermal Imager manufacturing program. Ideally, through this work, we will see thermal imaging technology in cell phones and eyeglasses. The applications for this are truly endless.