Screen ADD: What It Is And How To Fight It

Do you suffer from computer-screen attention deficit disorder? Here are some symptoms: You have five Internet Explorer tabs open at once. You're working on three Word documents simultaneously, and you are fiddling with two open spreadsheets, too. Basically, you are juggling so many on-screen tasks all at once, you're struggling to finish any one of them.

Computer-screen ADD hinders you from truly concentrating on one thing and completing it. Additionally it can be hard to prioritize your tasks and get the most crucial ones done first as you are preoccupied by all the other minor ones.

Focusing on a lot of things at once can hurt your productivity. But there are a couple things you can do help break these habits.

Resist the minimization urge

When we focus on many tasks at once, big and small, we can get in the habit of minimizing windows. We do this to set a task aside, but by doing so we are putting it off. By breaking this habit we force ourselves to focus on a task at hand until it is finished rather than putting it off.

Email filters

This is a very simple thing you can do to help you be more productive and stop screen ADD. You can create filters to send emails that are from certain people to your inbox and everything else is sent to another inbox. This will keep you from becoming preoccupied by the other emails and enable you to focus on the most important ones that you may have previously skimmed over.