Which Technology is Best for You

As technology moves faster and faster, bigger and better mobile devices emerge. It wasn’t long ago that tablets were introduced; now they are seen everyday. And most individuals in the business world have smartphones. As these newer, more robust tablets and smartphones are released to the market, you may feel some pressure to obtain these new devices.

Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech

But, not everyone needs the latest and greatest. Some people might, but others can get by with utilizing the same tech for years. Before purchasing your next piece of technology it can be useful to analyze your lifestyle to find out what tech is needed.


Think about tablets, they are handy, fun, and can make life simpler for some people. But they are not a requirement for all consumers. If you do most of your computing at home or in the office, and you have a smartphone to pull up your email messages when you're on the go, you might not need a tablet. Many of the basic things you can do with a smartphone you can do with a tablet. However, if you are a person who does most of their computing on the go, in the coffee shop or while traveling, you very well may need a tablet.

The Smartphone revolution

Smartphones have evolved into miniature computers, allowing users to log onto the Internet, send text messages, watch videos, play music, and send and receive email messages. But how technologically advanced of a phone do you require? Again, it boils down to how much computing you do on the road. Do you prefer to answer email messages from the comfort of your own home and desk? Do you like to watch movies on the big screen in your living room? Then a basic cell phone might be fine. However, if you do much of your communicating – through text, voice and email – while traveling across the city, an investment in an advanced smartphone makes sense.

So next time you read about the must-have smartphone or the ultimate tablet, look at your own lifestyle. You might not need to invest in the latest cool tech toy of the month.