Mailbox: The killer e-mail app for iPhone?

Here's a simple truth: Most everyone who has a smartphone uses it to read and send e-mail messages. But nobody seems to like their mobile e-mail applications. Tech company Orchestra, though, hopes to change this. The company just recently published Mailbox, its new e-mail client for your iPhone. The iphone app has been receiving rave reviews.


So why has the tech press weighed in so positively on the iPhone version of Mailbox? Probably because it operates like it was designed to be used with smart phones. Numerous other mobile e-mail programs feel like they're simply rehashes of e-mail software applications that work better on desktop or computers. Here's the big difference: With Mailbox, users save, delete or archive messages by swiping, just like they do most anything else using their smart phones or tablet computers. For example: If you swipe an e-mail message to the left, you'll save it. Should you instead swipe to the right, you'll archive it. And when you swipe to the right while holding at the same time, you'll delete an e-mail message. Swipe to the left while holding? A List screen will show up. Using this new screen, you can either label messages or move them to new locations. Put simply, using Mailbox is intuitive.


Another challenge with most mobile e-mail programs is that messages when they open are just too large. There is too much information displayed for the size of the smart phone screen. Mailbox for iPhone, though, avoids this error. When originally showing messages, Mailbox only displays the main parts. Signatures, for instances, are not visible, removing much of the clutter associated with standard mobile e-mail programs. Once you tap an e-mail message, though, it's going to open into an expanded state, showing such information as signatures and the "To" and "From" fields. Positive reviews have remarked that sending an e-mail message from Mailbox for your iPhone feels more like Tweeting. This is excellent for today's smart phone users. Finally, Mailbox earns kudos for the texting feel of its app. Users don't see traditional e-mail messages every time they open messages. Instead, their screens display smaller chat bubbles. Again, this can be a nice feature for mobile users who are more comfortable with texting.

To Do

Mailbox for iPhone also acts as a handy to-do list for replying to e-mail messages. For example, when you read a message, it is easy to assign it a priority. You could choose to have the message reappear in the e-mail inbox, for action, two days later. If the message carries a lower priority, you could request for it to appear again in a month. This supplies users with a simple way to gain some control over their incoming e-mail messages. For anyone who is aggravated by your present mobile e-mail program, it is the perfect time to explore the iPhone version of Mailbox. You just might find that it's the perfect e-mail app on your favorite smart phone.